2018 Loloma Foundation Volunteer Missions Announced

Loloma Foundation is pleased to announce it's 2018 medical and humanitarian missions. It takes many volunteers to continue our support to the people of the South Pacific. We need packers, planners, artists, box movers, moral supporters and financial support. Of course if you have the hankering for an adventure join us for one of our missions to Fiji. We can promise you beautiful Islands, beautiful people a life long memory and the satisfaction that

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“One light per bure” and Volcom bring the gift of light to “Fiji Midnight”

  Our volunteer teams call it “Fiji Midnight.” Pitch darkness after the sun disappears. It is beautiful, peaceful and still. Unique to our world filled with artificial light. It is somewhat “exotic” to a handful of American volunteers. Charming, quaint. Unless you’re a student learning to read, a mother mending clothes a father fixing a broken piece of equipment ---then its just dark! Last October the Volcom Corporation’s ”Give Back

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Loloma Foundation Partners with Volcom’s Give Back Program

Volcom's Give Back Series has partnered with Loloma Foundation during the 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro World Tour Surfing Event at Tavarua Resort, Fiji. A portion of the proceeds from each sale ofVolcom Fiji Pro merchandise will go directly to supporting the Loloma  Foundation. Volcom's Derek A. Sabori, Sr. Director of the Department of Sustainability shares, " Every time we put on an event, we are well aware of the impact that it will potentially have.

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