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Donate Now: Rebuild a Stronger Coummunity

Cyclones Won't Wait! We are reaching out to all of you who know and love our Fijian friends to ask for your support. It is a clear fact that all of their farms have been decimated and they will need help until their crops can be replanted. Most of these rural people have no means to “buy” food. If possible, please help us help them. Any amount you are able to contribute will enable a family to sustain themselves in this time of need. The Loloma

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Donate to “Take The Night Off For Fiji”

Please RSVP by December 15, 2015 to make our 2016 goals a reality. Loloma Foundation Presents “Take The Night Off For Fiji” Fundraiser Please make your tax-deductible payment to “Loloma Foundation” Click on amount you wish to donate. ____$50 Provides annual school supplies for 15 school children ____$100 Provides basic medical supplies for a rural nursing station triage box ____$250 Funds basic antibiotics for a weeks medical mission ____$500

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Your Generosity Helps Cyclone Evan Victims

In mid-December 2012 Cyclone Evan cut a swath of destruction through the Fijian Islands, ruining crops and turning people’s lives upside down. The Loloma Foundation made an appeal to our supporters to help purchase food and necessities until new crops could be planted and lives restored to some sort of order.  Most all of their crops were uprooted, blown away and flooded.   Because they live in extremely rural settings, they have little income

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