Loloma 2017 Mission Report

“If you want to touch the past, touch a rock. If you want to touch the present, touch a flower. If you want to touch the future, touch a life.”


Navutu Stars Mission: 

  • Dental: 50 prosthetics made and delivered in the field, 249 extractions, 127 restorations
  • Medical: at 10 different island clinics, 920 patients treated

Matangi Island Mission:

  • Dental: 279 patients treated, 334 extractions, 198 restorations and 42 veneers
  • Medical: at 5 different island clinics, 454 patients treated
  • Optometric: 239 patients treated, 159 readers dispensed, 160 sunglasses dispensed

Taveuni Hospital:

  • Hand reconstruction: 17 surgeries (43.5 hours)
  • Reconstructive surgery: 24 surgeries (27 hours)
  • OB/GYN surgery: 31 surgeries
  • General surgery: 58 surgeries

Additional projects:

  • Built a 16-station computer lab at S. Taveuni Secondary School, bringing electric from the solar array to provide ceiling fans, lighting and power points for all the stations (thanks to partnership with Water for S. Taveuni contribution and Susan Detwiler who provided and networked the computers)
  • John Brody’s renovation team assisted with the restoration of the doctor’s quarters at the Taveuni Hospital
  • 159 PAPS on Qamea and Taveuni completed in 2 weeks (Jenn Zeer)
  • New ceiling fans installed on all the hospital wards
  • Funded transport expenses for 60 surgical patients from all over Fiji
  • Organized and inventoried all Loloma supplies (Terri Shafer, Gayle Chait and Kim Munson)
  • Repainted the upper portion of the Hospital, again!

Another astounding group of dedicated and hard-working volunteers who worked tirelessly through hot weather, often long into the night to tend to all the surgical patients.


Linda Kwasny

Project coordinator and board member

Loloma Foundation



About Author: Bob Sykes

Bob Sykes is a founding board member, Treasurer, and Logistics Coordinator for the Loloma Foundation's medical and educational missions, and he also manages the Foundation’s website and public relations activities.