Applying for a Temporary Dental License-Fiji

Instructions for filing for a temporary Fiji Dental License for 2017

1. Go to  for the Fiji Medical Council website.

2. On page one click open Forms & Fees at the top of the page.

3. Click on Temporary Registration on the drop-down list.

4. Choose First visit, Temporary Medical Registration or the Renewal Temporary Medical of Dental Registration to download and fill out the proper form.


On the Fiji MDC registration Form:

Indemnity coverage is via the Scripps Health/ Fiji National University College of Health Sciences MOU (which the MDC has a copy of).

Part 2. List current license(s) you hold in the US.

Part 3. List the dates of your team visit to Fiji. Reason for visit: To provide volunteer Dental, medical, surgical, etc.  services to the people of (Taveuni Island or the Yasawa Islands)  with the Loloma Foundation.

Part 10. Indemnification provided through Loloma Foundation.

The other sections are fairly straightforward.

When filled out e-mail that form to  .


With regard to the instructions at the top of the Temporary Registration page:

The F$100 registration fee is included in the Loloma Trip fees. We will send a lump sum payment to Dharmesh Prasad at Fiji MDC for all the medical and dental licences obtained.

Scanned and e-mailed copies of the certificates required have been sufficient in the past rather than also sending certified copies.

Dr. Everest Nkire, Subdivisional Medical Officer at Taveuni Hospital, has given Loloma Foundation a formal letter of invitation from the Ministry of Health for the Taveuni visitors. We will provide that for all the licensee applicants for Taveuni.

Navutu Stars and the Village Chief of Yaqeta Island will provide a letter of invitation to Loloma Foundation in lieu of a Ministry letter.


Letter of Good Standing.

The Medical Council now requires a letter of good standing from the Dental Board of California  ( ) (or other state you are registered in) rather than a letter from the Department Chairman or other appropriate person as before.

The form for requesting a license certification from the Dental Board is attached.

Download Form Here

For general information the process for finding this form is:

Go to

Click on License Verification on the Title Bar.

Click on License Verification Instructions at the left of the index bar.

Click on Go to License Verification.

On this page click on official certifications in the sentence: The Board also processes official certifications to bring up a copy of the application


QUESTIONS??   You may contact Lance Hendricks at 619.857.4877



About Author: Bob Sykes

Bob Sykes is a founding board member, Treasurer, and Logistics Coordinator for the Loloma Foundation's medical and educational missions, and he also manages the Foundation’s website and public relations activities.