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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Video: Yasawa Islands Medical & Dental Missions 2013

View the Yasawa Islands Medical & Dental Missions 2013 Slideshow by Board member Lynne Scannell, M.D. here.

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Report: Navutu Stars Medical/Dental Mission 2013

By Linda Kwasny, Founding Board Member, Loloma FoundationIt gives me great pleasure to report that our first mission of 2013 went incredibly well, with no “Fiji factors”. That means that the weather was great, there were no mechanical delays, all equipment functioned and all of our materials arrived on time!Medical TeamThe medical team, led by our board member and pediatrician-extraordinaire Lynne Scannell consisted of Scripps residents Dan Given

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Your Generosity Helps Cyclone Evan Victims

In mid-December 2012 Cyclone Evan cut a swath of destruction through the Fijian Islands, ruining crops and turning people’s lives upside down. The Loloma Foundation made an appeal to our supporters to help purchase food and necessities until new crops could be planted and lives restored to some sort of order.  Most all of their crops were uprooted, blown away and flooded.   Because they live in extremely rural settings, they have little income

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