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Every dollar you donate will go directly to aid the people of the South Pacific Islands. See the donation levels below to see how your donation can help.

“Bula” $10

“Bula” is the traditional Fijian greeting and exudes the warmth and friendliness of these South Pacific Islanders. Thank you for your kind donation.

“Tapa” $20

“Tapa”is a traditional Fijian cloth made from the pounded bark of the mulberry tree and dyed with distinctive patterns creating a stunning effect. Frequently given as a gift. Your gift of “Tapa” will go directly to help the needy people of Fiji.

“Yaqona” $50

Yaqona” also known as Kava, is the national drink of Fiji. It is drank in ceremonies meant to honor visitors, unite participants and validate their social identities. Also the Yaqona root is frequently given as a gift to respected members of the community. Kava, when not used to excess, is also said to have very strong healing properties. Your gift of “Yaqona” will help the Loloma Foundation continue to bring medicine, school supplies and medical care to the people of Fiji.

“Loloma” $100

“Loloma” means “from the heart” or “a gift of love” in Fijian. Our foundation is named “Loloma” because our work in Fiji is truly a gift from the heart. All members pay their own way for each of our relief trips to the Islands. Your “Loloma” gift will help us continue our work by helping us purchase supplies, container space and medicine for our next shipment. Vinaka Vaka Levu.

“Ratu” $500

“Ratu” is a chief in a Fijian village. The Ratu has special privileges and special responsibilities to his people. By donating as a “Ratu” you can help us treat common but debilitating problems that include diarrhea, boils and other skin conditions easily treated with antibiotics. More severe problems, once identified, are referred to a regional medical center where they can be properly treated. In many cases the visits from Loloma physicians are the only care that many Fijians receive.

“Ratu Levu” $1,000

“Ratu Levu” or “Great Chief” refers to a Chief that has the responsibility for overseeing several villages and sits on “The Great Council of Chiefs.” Your generosity will go far in making the next container a reality. Vinaka, Vinaka, Vinaka.

About Author: Bob Sykes

Bob Sykes is a founding board member, Treasurer, and Logistics Coordinator for the Loloma Foundation's medical and educational missions, and he also manages the Foundation’s website and public relations activities.